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Super Bowl Snack Hacks

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Here are my five tips for you today:

1.) The game isn't until 5:30 - don't starve yourself all day:

It seems like common sense to eat less all day in order to make space for the food you plan on eating later.

That's just math, right?

That's not how our bodies see it.

If we go into a meal or situation starving, we are guaranteed to OVER eat. We are setting ourselves up for failure.

Eat your meals AS USUAL on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe even add a little extra protein. With a nutrient rich breakfast (like these almond butter bars) and lunch (like a bowl of detox soup), you're going to have steady blood sugar and less of an appetite later when you're around all that Super Bowl food. You can enjoy tastes of your favorite Super Bowl treats, but not overdo it and end up feeling sick or regretful.

2.) Use veggies as your "chip":

Enjoy the guac, dip, cheese and hummus with cut veggies rather than chips and crackers. You'll fill up a whole lot faster and on a way fewer empty calories.

Need a compromise? Try doing half veggie half chips.

3.) Prepare food for yourself:

This is my go-to. Offer to bring something. Cut veggies + guac, some Mexican inspired Quinoa Chili, a big salad, etc. Something that YOU like, so you can fill up on a nutritious dish rather than grazing on junk.

4.) Whatever it is, it gets a plate:

Ideally, you won't be seated front and center to the snacks, but even if you are, just make a deal with yourself to plate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING before eating it. That goes for one chip, one scoop of hummus. Whatever it is, it gets a plate.

This helps us stay CLEAR on how much we're eating (hard to gage that when we're mindlessly grabbing out of a big bowl) and it slows us down a little.

It also lets us use laziness to our advantage. If we're too lazy to plate something, then we either aren't really hungry or it isn't really worthwhile or special.

5.) Just make sure today is the exception and not the rule.

Have fun. Make it memorable. That means making a plan to only eat and drink MEMORABLE things. If your cousin brews his/her own beer and this is a special treat, then enjoy the heck out of it. BUT, if you're seated next to the corn chips and just munching because they are *there*, well, there's nothing memorable or "worth it" about that and chances are you're really going to regret it tomorrow.

No matter what, just get right back on the beam tomorrow :)

Have a great day and stay warm!!

Follow a couple of these tips and cruise into this week the WINNER of Super Bowl Sunday (ugh, sorry, so cheesy but I had to!!)

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