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Dream Light Mask

Quick note: I don't make any commission from Dream Light, and am not compensated if you buy one. I just like the mask :)

There are a lot of great apps out there for meditation and mindfulness. The problem for most of us is actually USING them. I know I can turn on a guided meditation or some nice relaxing music, but where should I listen to it? Eyes open? Closed?

These questions led me to Dream Light mask, and I am really into it. It takes away all the variables, and gives you everything you need in one spot. Melatonin stimulating light, breathing prompts that promote relaxation, and a library full of pre-loaded meditations and stress relief audios.

I’m using mine for a few minutes during the day to help with mental fatigue and focus. Another cool thing is I assumed someone nearby would be able to hear the internal speaker, but not so. The design keeps all the sounds nice and discrete. I can’t wait to take this baby on an airplane :)

Some very cool features:

  • Dual mindful practice induces deep relaxation and sleep.

  • A pitch-black sleep environment is powered by 3000 diverse faces mapped.

  • Preloaded sleep-aid & meditation audios soothe anxiety and pressure.

  • You can access to all meditation & music & audiobook app via Bluetooth.

  • The power napping mode improves your focus and productivity.

  • The music playing time is up to 10 hours.

  • The unique 3D hollowed design leaves make-up intact.

  • The wash-friendly design allows for easy cleaning.

Check out more HERE. Happy relaxation!

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