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My Travel Essentials

Updated: May 5, 2022

I get asked about this ALL the time.  "How can I stay healthy while I travel?!"  Well, I've been traveling A LOT this year, and I took notes (and pics) of what worked best for me. I hope it's helpful! There's a lot here, so I know you'll find something you like :)

Disclaimer: I have NOT been paid by any of these companies to say this stuff and I don't make any money if you buy these products.  It's just stuff I really use in my own life, find helpful and I hope you do too!

Travel Essentials
Travel Essentials


What do I look for in a travel snack?  Protein and healthy fat.  How do you know if your snack contains these things? Read the ingredients and don't dwell on the nutrition facts.

What are the first five ingredients? How many ingredients are there?  How many derivatives of sugar, fake sugar, etc.?

(This is my international list, by the way.  When traveling domestically, I pack veggies too!)

When I say "take bars" I mean take barSSSSSSS... lots of "s"s.

I take at least one bar for every day I will be away and at least two bars for travel days (let's not rely on airports to have our backs). I also like to have one or two for the days after I return on my refrigerator is empty.

Do I get sick of bars? Of course, but it's temporary and leave me in a better place than if I winged it.

What happens if you don’t need all the bars/foods you packed? Great! Take them home and have them as an emergency stash for whenever.

Just be careful not to snack on them while around the house. Bars are very dense and can pack a pretty big punch calorically.

When we are at home and decide a bar is the only thing that will satisfy our hunger, check in with whether you are really just looking for a better version of a candy bar. Most bars are sweet and mimic a chocolate bar. Stay mindful of why you are choosing it ;)

Note: this is not my recommended snack list (at home, we want to opt for non-packaged snacks with plenty of veggies).

Travel Essentials
Hey, Mona. Paws off my food!

Go Raw Snacking Seeds by Go Raw:

I'm already a BIG fan of Go Raw's Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Bar. This is another really nice product that is also super versatile.

They are great on their own, in oatmeal, or on salad/veggies (better than croutons!). An easy way to add protein and healthy fat.

These are made by the Oglala Lakotas on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

I'm not a huge red meat person, but I love these bars.  They aren't as high in sodium as a lot of dehydrated meats, and the 1oz bars are the perfect size for a little something to hold me over, or for an extra burst of protein.  

The company behind these bars is another reason I choose them.  Native American Natural Foods, LLC and their products support the Tanka Fund, which "can help buffalo return to the Great Plains, bringing renewed cultural connections, health and opportunity to Indian communities."  For more on this important fund click here.

They are free of gluten, MSG, hormones and nitrates.  These also come in sticks and bites.  My favorite flavor is the coffee hatch chile.

Dang Bar by Dang Foods:

Dang foods was founded by two Thai-American brothers using original recipes from their mom. They source the coconuts from family farms in Thailand that follow ethical business practices. These bars are plant-based and all REAL food ingredients.

My favorite flavor is the Lemon Matcha.

There are only 3 grams of sugar, and LOADS of protein (first ingredient is almonds)! Satisfying and not too heavy.

Oatmeal Pots by Purely Elizabeth:

This is my favorite addition to my snack stash. It’s feels like more of a meal than a bar, and all you need is some hot water. That’s easy enough to get in-flight, or grab at a coffee shop in the airport.

Why is this oatmeal better than the stuff at Starbuck’s? Well, if you get the cauliflower version, then it’s a totally different thing all together (grain free and 8 grams of protein!), If you get the regular oats kind, they come with packets of different kinds of protein.

If these are too bulky for your carry-on, then just take a few packets of Justin’s almond or cashew butter, so you can add it to whatever oatmeal you can find. This protein will keep you satiated for much longer and will help keep sweet cravings at bay.

I've never had a snack like this, and I bet neither have you. These are made with cactus!! They don't taste like a "health food", but are a better version of so many things. These could pass as a junk food snack for people with picky palates, but couldn't be further from it. These little guys are made from nutrient powerhouses like cactus and amaranth. They are great by themselves as a cheeto, pretzel, or chip alternative, OR, they make really delicious crouton alternatives and are great on top of chili.

Nemi was started by Regina, a human rights attorney, who has partnered with small independent Mexican farmers using sustainable farming techniques.

My favorite flavor is spirulina lime.

Persian Trail Mix by Niloofar:

Another female owned business!! :)

This is the best trail mix I've ever had. Not dry at all (I'd say "moist", but everyone seems to hate that word lol).

So many interesting ingredients too, such as mulberries and figs.

Organic and vegan. I am addicted for sure.

Granola Bars by Made Good: These are the only bar listed that I don't use as a meal replacement. They are small and perfect for a little something to hold me over until the next meal.

I really like keeping them in the freezer if there's one wherever I'm staying.

These also seem like the option that would go over best with kiddos.

Turkey Toms by Wellshire Farms:

A long time favorite of mine. Once you open the pack, these need to go in the fridge. Perfect flavor and pure protein.


E9 Noise Cancelling Headphones by Cowin

I’m no audio expert, but I love these, because they feel comparable to Bose and are about half the price. The ear cushions (is that the technical term??) are REALLY soft. Everything about these feels very well made.

They also fold up and fit into this hard cover case, which is essential for travel.

I sat in the back of the plane recently (surrounded by many MANY children) and watched Bee Movie with no problem hearing at all.

I also use them while doing laundry, while my cat is being especially talkative, and really anytime there is noise. They are great.

I read very few instruction manuals, so I liked how intuitive the bluetooth pairing and usage in general is for these.

Like I said, I'm no audio expert, but I love these. They are high quality, and a price that doesn't terrify me if they get lost while travelling.

I'm actually writing this in a coffee shop that is BLASTING music. I can feel the base in the bench I'm sitting on, but can't hear it at all. Only my own music. Hooray for noise cancelling :)

Activated Charcoal by Integrative Pro:

A Wisconsin company :) These have SAVED THE DAY for me many times.

If I accidentally ingest gluten, I take one and feel SO much better.

*obviously, check with your doctor before introducing any supplement.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads by Zefiro:

I would go through package after package of cotton balls, which felt so wasteful. Zefiro is female owned, and provides a bunch of different plastic free and multi use products.

I throw my dirty ones in a little mesh laundry bag, so they don't get lost.

Anti-Aging Gold Collagen Eye Mask by Kawi Cosmetics:

These are infused with aloe and vitamin C to re-hydrate your eye area, which feels heavenly during or after a long flight.

Vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free. More on these little cuties in my Clean Skin Fall/Winter Edit coming soon.

So Smooth Meadow Seed Eye Stick by The Skin Food Kitchen:

I love this little stick. I've had it for a long time now - it lasts forever. I also try to save it for trips as part of my "non liquid at room temp" approach to packing.

It's like if some under eye cream mated with a chapstick tube.

Another honey of a product from this company (ALSO, female owned - HAZAAA!!!)

Never Settle Eau de Parfum by Land Meets Sea:

More on this magical scent in my Clean Skin Summer Edit

I really like the compact size. Perfect for travel.

Female owned - BOOM!

Crème Lite by Climb On:

This is another item found on my quest to have as few liquids as possible. It's a solid at room temperature, so I don't put it in my quart-sized liquids and gels bag when I'm only taking a carry-on. Now, I haven't talked to anyone with TSA about this, so I could be totally wrong, but so far, so good.

Smells great, feels great. More about it in my Summer Skin Edit.

Matcha Stick by Cocokind:

It's basically chapstick that I rub all over my face!

All the healing powers of Matcha and coconut oil.

Solid at room temp, so I skip putting it in my "liquids only ziploc". So far, TSA seems to be ok with that plan.

Neti Stik by Himalayan Institute: A little inhale to help with a stuffy nose after sitting in that recirculated airplane air.


Again, I hope this is helpful and I hope you join us on our next retreat!!  You'll be so well prepared!

Questions?  Email me:


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