Most of us already know what things work well for us.  It's sticking to those things and making them habit that is the real challenge.  This is the accountability you need. 

  • Get guidance on how to reach your wellness goals without giving up the foods and social stuff you love.

  • Opt out of diet culture, and learn how to stop reacting to emotional and environmental triggers with food.

  • Learn tools to manage stress and prioritize taking care of yourself no matter how busy life gets.

I will get you organized with what to do, how to make it work in your already busy schedule, and reconnected with your deepest confidence and intuition.  Let's get back to being UN|MESS|WITHABLE.

A Sip of Coffee


Packages start with an initial consultation that lasts about 60 minutes.

  • We review your new client form together.

  • Access to meal plans and a searchable recipe database of almost 2,000 recipes (I'll help you find the right ones for you - don't worry!).

  • Supplement guidance.

  • Mindful eating techniques.

  • Specific and clear goals for the upcoming week.

  • Connection to the mobile app (see bottom of page) with your personalized trackers.

After our initial consultation, we will schedule our follow-up sessions (which are about 20 minutes). 

  • We will go over our progress, obstacles, and questions. 

  • Strategies for any challenges coming up between now and our next session (e.g. travel, dinners out, work events, special occasions).

  • In between our sessions, we will be in touch via the app, email, and text.  Communication is key to this process, so I am available to answer any questions or talk you through any obstacle.  I am here to hold you accountable.​

  You have a lot going on, so we will make this SIMPLE.  


9 sessions | $965, OR 4 sessions | $520

Membership Pricing.png


To better accommodate all things uncertain, we have plenty of payment plans available, as well as, "pay what you can" for those who have experienced a lay off.  Please contact me directly for any questions, or to let me know how we can best support you.

Check out our virtual programs, and go at your own pace.


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