Most of us already know what things work well for us.  It's sticking to those things and making them habit that is the real challenge. 

This is the jumpstart you need to take better care of yourself, stop having so many cravings and allowing eating to run your life.  Learn what foods will treat you right and receive the accountability to replace old habits with better ones.

Get guidance and accountability to make the choices you know feel best without giving up your friends, family, and foods you really love.. 

Opt out of diet culture and reacting to emotional and environmental triggers, and learn how to make active and intuitive choices about what and how much to eat.

Learn tools to manage stress and prioritize taking care of yourself so daily self care and healthy eating is no longer a source of conflict.  

It's time for you to get a teammate.  I will get you organized with what to do, how to make it work in your already busy schedule, and reconnect with your deepest confidence and intuition.  Let's get back to being UN|MESS|WITHABLE.

Abundelicious provides health and wellness consulting in Milwaukee, Chicago, and virtually via Skype, FaceTime and phone.



  • Review of current diet and exercise habits, supplements, sleep, daily schedule, self-nurturing tools, stressors and challenges.

  • Define our goals clearly and start developing manageable action steps.

  • Personalized wellness strategy that fits into your life.

  • Clear and manageable "assignments" between sessions to keep us on track + accountable.

  • Unlimited text and email support so you never feel lost or unmotivated.

  • One-on-one sessions via phone/Skype/FaceTime or in person (if in Chicago).

  • Meal/recipe, sleep, supplement, holistic health guidelines after each session to keep us rebalance our busy lives. 


  • Syncs with all major wearable devices

  • Offers HIPAA compliant direct messaging with Sarah

  • Tracks progress with eating, exercise, sleep, hydration, as well as customized trackers such as supplements, breathing exercises, journaling, etc to provide accountability and organization.

  You have a lot going on, so we want to make this SIMPLE.  More on this below...



+ Initial Consultation

Mindful eating guidelines

Meal ideas and recipes

+ Access to the accountability mobile app.

+  WEEKLY touch point to keep you on track 

+  FOUR follow-up sessions (two sessions each month)

+ Supplement recommendations

+  Extended early bird dates and discounts on wellness retreats

Investment of $445 (or 4 payments $115.14)


​This plan is perfect for people who thrive on accountability. Perfect if you have 15+ pounds to lose or are struggling with making a healthier lifestyle habit.

+ Multiple touch point every week to keep you on track

+ EIGHT follow-up sessions (one EVERY week).

+ FREE AbundeDETOX ($60 value)

+ 5% off supplements

  • Access to the mobile app 

  • Extended early bird dates and discounts on wellness retreats

  • Initial consultation​

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Meal plans and recipes

  • Mindful eating guidelines 

Investment of $965.00 (or 4 payments of $249.70)


Coming Soon... :)


This is NOT calorie counting or weighing food.  We log our food, movement, and habits because it is easier to course correct when we know where we are.

Finally, you'll have accountability and daily support while reaching your goals.


  • Track food, exercise, sleep, hydration, meditation, supplements, and customized markers we set to help build habits and stay organized.

  • Sync with any major wearable devices or use without.

  • Totally customizable, so we're only tracking things that matter to our plan and goals.  


I am on the other side of the app, so I can check in with you if it seems like we're falling off track with HIPAA compliant messaging.


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