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A 5-week program guided week-by-week by Sarah. 

Nothing to schedule and no Zoom anything  ☺️

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What to expect:

Each Monday, you'll get a 10-minute video guide on that week's topic.  You can direct message with Sarah if you have any questions.  Then, you'll have support and accountability from Sarah for the rest of the week with custom in-app progress and habit trackers.  (Tracking is of course optional, but recommended to get the most out of this program).

Weekly topics:

1.) Mindful Eating: (Dec 13th)

We show ourselves respect by tuning into our bodies and feelings.  This is the foundation of intuitive/mindful eating.  Not letting food “morality” and diet culture (aka "good and bad" labeled foods and food behaviors) dictate what we eat and don’t eat. 


How to use mindfulness to avoid both over and under eating.

How to use our physical cues to find our just right portion.  

Exactly how to tell if you are *truly* hungry.

Techniques like "S.A.N.D." for dealing with non-hunger discomfort. 

2.) Avoiding Burnout: (Dec 20th)

Burnout is one of the main reasons we end up mindlessly munching or turning an intentional indulgence into an over-indulgence.  The key to avoiding this trap is to routinely communicate with our nervous system to let it know that all is well. 



Specifically what to do each day to take you from feeling like you're running on fumes to feeling like you are recharged and grounded.

How to use scheduled rest and breathing as calming techniques. 

3.) When Your Family Eats Differently Than You: (Dec 27th)

Mindful eating can feel especially challenging when we're with other people.  



Tips for communicating with your family about food, and not offending folks when you want to say "no, thank you".

"Just" and other self-sabotaging things we tell ourselves.

4.) New Year! Up with Nutrients, Down with Inflammation: (Jan 3rd)

January can be one of the worst times of year for detoxing.  However, it is a fantastic time to reset, and course correct our diets. 



• Simple ways to boost your nutrition and the nutrient density of your day-to-day meals.


5.) Best Practice for Eating Out & Snacking: (Jan 10th)

Traveling? Working? Just on the go? This week is all about eating outside of your house.  We'll also answer the time old question of whether or not to eat light before a big meal.


Best things to order while eating out.

Foods to travel with.

Eat what you want, but with a little more guidance, accountability, and some help with portions.  Intuit your way through the season.  Learn simple techniques each week that you can practice throughout the season, so nothing gets overwhelming.

What is Winterlicious?

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Winter Video Guide Screenshot.png

Weekly Video Guides

Short Videos from Sarah to give you empowering tools each week.

These guides will go over the KEY FOCUS for that week, as well as hold you accountable.  

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 Mobile App Support

Accountability and motivation via the Abundelicious app and direct messaging with Sarah for support.

Autumnlicious Registration

Investment for the 5 weeks is $114.70  

(Less than $4/day)

This Program is for You If:

  • Feel unable to eat sweets and indulgences in moderation.

  • Have difficulty turning down food offered to you by others.

  • Have trouble knowing what foods are meaningful to you and what foods are just habit.

  • Would like to move through this new season intentionally and feeling vibrant.

  • Want to enjoy a drama FREE autumn full of memorable experiences and connections.


Imagine having an accountability buddy

all Holiday Season. 

Investment for the 5 weeks is $114.70. 

(Less than $4/day)

5 weeks of steady boundaries and support to get you through the Holiday Season with plenty of fun and no regrets. 

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