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As someone who has suffered from a "tricky gut" for years, it was a Godsend to find and meet with Sarah.


My whole family has benefitted from going gluten and refined sugar free. It's been enlightening to learn how much the human gut has to do with our overall health and what fermented foods can do to boost  our gut flora. I would highly recommend visiting with Sarah if you're someone who suffers from a "tricky gut" and would like to learn a natural way to heal yourself from the inside out.

— Jen G.

I am enjoying lunch more now than perhaps ever before in my adult life...and I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

— Shyamli P.

Sarah is worth her weight (and them some) in gold.  I have paid far more for other programs and diet fads that only served to worsen my underlying issues.  I am now 125 pounds and in a size 2. 

I get up early, have no pain and am told on a regular basis how young and vibrant I look.  While I appreciate these type of compliments, they do not come close to the positive changes in how I feel about myself.  I am no longer a hopeless, sad, sugar addict who avoids others due to insecurities. 

— Amy D.

Sarah, your classes have always been educational, fun and full of information that  could  be

used in everyday living.  You have always taken extra time to  answer questions,

and you are very versed on foods to help people plan meals for their health issues when needed. 


— Sandra J.

Sarah: You have been a joy to work with.  You have been so supportive, patient, and encouraging -- not to mention knowledgeable and wise.

- Terrie W.

Dear Sarah,


Thank you so much for your guidance as I go forward with changing my diet to create a much healthier and happier life experience.  When I realized I was tired of having yeast infections every few months,  I didn't even think about being tired of the fatigue, emotional unpredictability, acne, and general feeling of the blahs that I thought was just "part of my life."  I thought most of those symptoms were part of having a high stress job, and since I love my job, I just accepted them. 


Now that I have changed my diet for just about three weeks, nearly all of those symptoms have also changed.  I feel better than I have *ever* felt as an adult.  I didn't know someone in her mid-thirties could feel this energetic and happy.


Before I talked with you, I was nervous about cutting out sugar from my diet and nervous about cutting out bread.  I love being social, sharing meals with friends, and going to parties, and I was nervous that would become some kind of social pariah or a snob.  I feared that other women would just think I was trying to lose weight or that I wouldn't be fun enough.  I still have some of those concerns, but now I can see how making my own decisions about my own health is worth overcoming any social awkwardness.  And the confidence with which you approach your own health has helped me in any times of doubt. In our session, you taught me some easy ways to make decisions at restaurants and helped me learn how to properly food combine.  I can eat many things that are offered to me at other people's homes and in shared experiences at restaurants without making a big deal about being different.


My husband has noticed this transformation too.  He actually said, "You're back!" a few days ago.  Neither of us really knew before that anything about me had ever left, but it is so nice to start feeling close to whole again.  He keeps telling me how inspirational this change has been and I am surprised and grateful.  I had been worried about how changing my cooking habits would affect our marriage and the mealtimes we share, but it turns out that my decision to take care of myself nutritionally has actually brought us closer together as a couple.    


I am sure I will face some challenges as I continue to make a healthier diet my lifestyle, but I feel so confident knowing that you are just a phone call away and that I can continue to enjoy and learn from the Abundelicious website and newsletter and classes.


Thank you for everything!




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