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Which Water Filter is Best?

Updated: May 5, 2022

* Thank you so much to our Marketing and Program Development Coordinator Lilly Brice for helping to put together this post. It contains affiliate links.


A quality water filter is an essential tool for good health. 60-70% of our bodies are made up of water and that hydration is imperative to naturally flush out toxins, aid digestion and absorption of nutrients, boost immunity, and keep our skin looking supple and happy.

Some sources of water contain 300+ chemicals and pollutants, and many of these chemicals can be more easily absorbed from water than from food. According to research from the Environmental Working Group. Among these contaminants are:

  • Chemicals and compounds like CHLOROFORM

  • Heavy metals that can create toxicity like ARSENIC

  • Carcinogens like TRIHALOMETHANES

  • Disinfectants like CHLORINE

  • The list goes on depending on your location and tap.

I, like I think a lot of folks do, made the mistake of assuming high quality would automatically be more expensive. Initially, yes. However, this is a tool we want to have for years, so let's look at the cost of use versus only the up front. Again, this was a mistake I made, and I literally paid for it. The cheaper filter I bought ended up costing me more money in replacement cartridges than the better quality filter.

Fortunately, there are quite a few systems available at all price points, so let’s go through some of the options:

Pitchers (i.e. Brita):

Initial Investment: $20-$40

Cost to Use: about 20¢ per gallon

Overview: less expensive than other filter options upfront, but require frequent filling and replacement of cartridge; reduce chlorine, but are not effective at removing VOCs, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors or fluoride.

Verdict: better than nothing, but doesn’t remove the worst offenders and is somewhat costly to use compared to other options.

Initial Investment: $100-200

Cost to Use: about 11¢ per gallon

Overview: removes hundreds of chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, chloride and bacteria; consists of a BPA-free plastic body

Verdict: removed more contaminants than pitchers or the R.O., but does not filter fluoride and requires that the multiple filters be changed regularly.

Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO):

Initial Investment: $150-250

Cost to Use: about 25¢ per gallon

Overview: removes a large amount of contaminants such as arsenic, asbestos, heavy metals, and fluoride, but wastes more water than it produces; does not reduce VOCs or endocrine disruptors and removes necessary minerals from the water

Verdict: removes more offenders than pitchers, but not the most environmentally friendly due to the amount of water waste

Initial Investment: $250- $360

Cost to Use: about 2¢ per gallon

Overview: removes over 200 contaminants including heavy metals, chloride, glyphosate and other materials; prevents bacteria growth while keeping good minerals in the water; more expensive initial investment, but the high quality stainless steel material is long lasting, takes a little less than one hour to filter one gallon of water, and holds six gallons (lower maintenance and lasts)

(I've personally used all of these filters, and at the end of the day, prefer the Berkey above the rest. This is the filter I use in my own home, and I'm really happy with it.)

Verdict: while this is the most expensive up front, the Berkey removes the most contaminants, is easy to clean, and the filters could last five or six years, which makes it the least expensive over time.


Prioritizing our health truly does come down to being informed and prepared, particularly when it comes to something as foundational as hydration.

A quick recap on the importance of adequate hydration:

  • Increases blood volume, mobilizing nutrients to our organs and cells.

  • Aids the body’s natural detoxification, digestion, and makes water soluble nutrients bioavailable.

  • Improves the immunity (a big buzzword right now, but something that is always important)

Consider yourself water blog-ged…


Sources: *at bottom of page

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