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How to Cook QUINOA

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I know many of you are quinoa experts, but for our friends that are new to gluten free/whole foods/whole grains/etc cooking it can be a terrifying adventure. For those of you in the terrified group (this post is somewhat dedicated to one of my very favorite clients who was brave enough to go it alone without this guide - you know who you are), I hope you will find this brief tutorial helpful.

Quinoa, after all, is a wonderful grain to keep in your pantry. It is a great source of protein complete with all of the essential amino acids (building blocks for the most crucial of events in our bodies). Quinoa provides us with many of the essential trace minerals that are also extremely important for our bodies to function well on a daily basis, as well as fiber, and antioxidants.

I will make a very large batch, and enjoy it throughout the week on salads cold, warmed up with a vegetable such as broccoli, green peas or kale, in soups, or for breakfast in place of oats. One variation I love is this Mexican Quinoa Chili.

P.S. Millet is the new quinoa... you heard it here first!! It's a fraction of the price, and is very comparable in flavor and texture.


1.) Combine one part quinoa to two parts liquid (water or vegetable broth) in a pot - this is pretty standard for all whole grains.

2.) Bring this to a boil, then cover pot and reduce to a simmer.

3.) Allow to cook for about 10 minutes, but keep a close eye on it, so it doesn't boil over or dry out and burn. Add more liquid when and if necessary.

(First photo: quinoa is not done yet. Second Photo: quinoa is DONE!! YUM!! Notice how it gets lighter as it finishes cooking. That's something to look for.)

Note: I use filtered water for cooking as much as I can. This is the water filter I chose for my house, which makes this a LOT easier than cooking using a pitcher filter.

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