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Get Inspired with Jenny Hsieh

I learned about X NIHILO a few weeks ago.  Lady owned and built with a mission to create a brand that celebrates women, helps them express themselves and advance in their community.  X NIHILO strives to provide women with better, smarter and more meaningful purchase choices.

Jenny Hsieh
Jenny Hsieh

Jenny Hsieh is the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of X NIHILO.  She wears at least a little bit of a lot of hats, and I can definitely relate to that with Abundelicious.  Jenny started X NIHILO just 15 months ago and her business is not only thriving but she is winning awards and supporting many very worthwhile charities that benefit woman in the process.  I think that's pretty cool.  

What is X NIHILO?

X NIHILO is short for ex nihilo, a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”.  

“I find inspiration from everything and everyone I meet. But women that truly inspire me are the ones that built their success from caring for, helping and inspiring others."

 X NIHILO is PETA approved. They don't support slaughterhouses or factories where animals are cruelly treated for their wool or fur.  Animals are not killed for their hide.  The bags are made from the leather of animals already used for meat consumption.

Why is a health coach talking about purses?

I did stop for a second to ask if this is relevant to my audience, and HELL YES it yes.

Here, at Abundelicious, we celebrate and support passionate, brave and thoughtful women.  Jenny certainly fits that bill.  Her line is thoughtfully crafted with PETA approved materials and designs that help real women get sh*t done.  I like the way she thinks too...

“Follow your passion and success will follow. I believe there are two ways to see the world - some people see things they want, and some people see things that prevent them from getting what they want. My advice is to go after what you want because there is nothing worse than regret.”

Is X NIHILO paying you to say this stuff?

Nope.  I'm just into it :)

I love grabbing my Bank bag and feeling a little more prepared and a lot more polished for my day.

Where do I start?

How about with this great post about how to choose the perfect bag for you.

OH, Jenny thinks what we are doing here at Abundelicious is cool too, so she has generously offered 15% your total purchase with the code "ABUNDELICIOUS" 

Enjoy :)


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