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I think I'm at that age when no one really knows what the hell to do about their skin. Should I still be on the lookout for acne, or should I focus more on wrinkles?

What if I get a pimple ON a wrinkle (this has happened to me plenty of times)?

How do I make dull patches bright, sun damage go away, slow down wrinkles, and how do I accomplish all this without terrifying chemicals and torturing animals?

I started questioning my all-natural skin care routine (aka witch hazel, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil) after TWO different people in one day told me my skin looked dry. Apparently my face vinaigrette wasn't doing the trick.

I set out to find products that are both EFFECTIVE and NONTOXIC, as well as companies that value fair trade, sustainability and good stewardship towards the planet and our health. So, I went hunting, and I found some really great things.

Need more personalized help reaching your goals? Let's work together. I can help you take your wellness visions and make them a reality.

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Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm into clean eating, traveling (beach please), helping folks eat and feel better, gardening (not very well), and bopping around my neighborhood with my dog. Thanks for reading!



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