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The NO FUN PROJECT is a 3-week digital experience where we get real with how we spend the moments of our lives. 

As adults, a lot of us have lost the confidence to take ownership over how we spend our moments and our connection to fun. Fun is frivolous. Fun is for kids. Fun is the reward at the end of all the work.  What if we could re-write these old narratives? 


Sacrificing fun starts as the exception, but ends up as the rule, and is, ultimately, very detrimental to our health. We don’t stop having fun because we grow old, we grow old because we stop having fun.

Guess what? We get to want fun and have it too!  So let's get to work on that work-life balance.

the details

This is an experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home (or the confines of your office... hey, we all have to start somewhere.)


We will have weekly, 90 minutes, live modules (Wednesday evenings 7pm - 8:30pm Central.)

October 16th: FUN AS A STRATEGY // reconnect to your unique way of fun using bite-sized tweaks that lead to life-sized shifts.


October 23rd: DISTRACTIONS + ROADBLOCKS // we all have 'em... now what? Unpack. Get curious + learn to spot what you've got that stops you from having the fun you want. 

October 30th: BALANCE // reconnect to your self-care.  The importance of rest + silence.

Build a balanced + inspiring practice for fun that is sustainable over time.



Rachel Bellotti is a life+soul coach, owner, and creator of UN|STUCK coaching, co-creator of THE TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE podcast, and meditation guide.


As a life+soul coach, Rachel has trained with elite and master level coaches that utilize an intuitive conversational approach, encouraging powerful self-inquiry to ignite transformational momentum in all areas of your life. Reconnecting people to their authenticity, so they can experience how powerful they truly are, is what gets her out of bed every morning.



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Sarah Philipp is a holistic nutrition and wellness coach and the owner of Abundelicious.  Her approach is to help people find a happy place of eating the foods they enjoy and feel liberated from diets and deprivation.


She helps her clients find flexibility with food, and freedom from denial and discipline. 


So many people are stuck in a cycle of feeling lousy, but not knowing how to feel better or where to begin.  



What makes this program unique?

This is a personalized and collaborative experience that is self-driven and sustainable. Join an Intimate and supportive community of like-minded people working on the same stuff. Our approach incorporates plenty of humor and levity blended with accountability, honesty, and a little tough love.

What does a typical NO FUN week look like?

We have weekly calls that will guide you in this process. We ask you to spend the rest of the week reflecting on and practicing the techniques and exercises we give you during those calls. We are available to answer any questions on or off the calls.
You will also stay connected to us and the group with our mobile app. This does wonder for keeping you accountable.

What inspired this program?

Our own lives! We have both discovered how easy it is to send self care and fun to the bottom of the to-do list (if it even makes it on there at all!). We also know through our own expereince, as well as through our work with clients that it is not as easy as just deciding we want to have more fun. There are narratives that need clarifying and habits that need breaking and reforming.

Still think fun isn't TOP priority?

What do you get when you sign up?

- Weekly group calls. - Personalized prompts and challenges. - Interactive handouts that encourage you to shift your narratives and mindset around "fun". - Personalized practices for how to sustainably make fun a priorty after the three weeks is finished. - Life-long connections with like-minded people. - A longer and more meaningful* (*no guarantees obviously lol)

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