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A New Kind of Meal Planning


We've been making meal plans available for about a year now, but haven't been able to cater to ALL the dietary preferences and restrictions out there.  When it came to other meal plan services, I never felt I could stand behind the ingredients used.  Well, we have found the solution!!



Why is Meal Planning So Much Work?


Having foresight and planning your food for the week is the way to go if you want to reach your health goals. However, this requires finding recipes, swapping ingredients to accommodate food sensitivities and picky eaters, figuring out how many servings, setting aside enough time, and then making your shopping list... yikes.

That's a lot to get done.  


Enter, Real Plans.  I'm so happy to be partnering with Real Plans, a meal planning system with an ENORMOUS database of recipes from which you can include/exclude ingredients, adjust number of servings, know exactly how much time you'll need to cook, etc.

There are Shopping Lists

There. Are. SHOPPING. LISTSSSSS!!!! This is HUGE.  The shopping lists update themselves as you select, remove recipes depending on what comes up in your week.

Easy Recipe Adjustments

If your plan this week includes a dish that doesn't tickle your fancy just swap it out.  Also, if you find a recipe somewhere out there on the Web, just pin it!



Meal planning saves time and money, but can initially be a significant transition.  Real Plans the best system out there, and the price is pretty incredible - $7/month.  I've been a subscriber to Real Plans myself for about 6 months now, and love it.


How To Get Started

- Sign up 

- Select your preferences once, and you're all set.  Each week's plan will reflect this from now on.  This can be food sensitivities or foods you just don't like.  Think asparagus is nasty - exclude it.  No more having to sift through recipes to find one that works.



Easy to Use

- select your recipes for the week (or use the preselected recipes)

- modify numbers of servings

- print out the grocery list generated or just pull it up on your phone (there's an iPhone app!)

- nutrition facts are even included (you know I don't like calorie counting, but this is a great way to keep track of that sugar!)

- any questions?  There are plenty of short tutorials, as well as 24/7 customer support!  How about that :)


No Worries if You Don't Like it

- cancel anytime.  Cancel within the first 30 days and you are fully refunded.  

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