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How to Go
Plant Based

Curious about what eating plant based is like

but not sure how or where to start?

We walk you through all the most important things like ingredients to get, easy swaps, and essential nutrients.

Plant Based Program Images.png

Easy swaps, essential nutrients, and more delivered to your phone each day.

We start from the beginning with the most important basics.

Support from Sarah right in your pocket.

Spring broccoli green cream soup with mint and coconut cream in bowls over light grey marb

How to Get Started:

1.) Hit the button below.

2.) Answer a few quick questions.

3.) Download the "Abundelicious" app and enter your invite ID code. (and ENJOY!!!)

What to Expect:

  • Two weeks of daily plant based how-to's, recipes, and tips. Basically, everything you need to know dripped in a manageable way. Turn your push notifications "on" if you'd like to receive daily reminders to stay on track.

  • Direct message support from Sarah anytime you need an answer or a push.

  • Please note that none of the Abundelicious coaching or virtual programs are medical services.  We do not diagnose, treat, or cure.  The services provided here are not licensed by the state nor are they provided by a licensed physician.

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