Who can use Online Nutrition & Wellness Coaching?

​I believe that our natural state is one of vibrant and abundant health. Our bodies are so dang smart!! Unfortunately, It's easy to become imbalanced, because we are all pulled in so many different directions all day long. We get stuck in a vicious cycle of narratives, habits, patterns, and feel stuck. I help my clients people regain control of their health and eating, so they can put an end to this vicious cycle. Oh, and this doesn't mean you have to give up your social life... promise. I love that coaching online allows me to work with clients from all over the world. My clients also get to enjoy our sessions from the comfort of their own home or office.

What is a Nutrition & Wellness Coach?​

I am a certified health coach. My studies, my almost 10 years of experience with clients, as well as my personal journey have helped me design a process to help my clients take back control of their lives and wellness and feel better. I am your self care strategist. A health coach offers new perspectives on your routine, a space in which to be REAL and authentic (the "me" that we don't always show everyone else), tools to get back into a balanced state, and the accountability to stay there.

Will I need special equipment of software?

Nope! Just a phone. If you'd prefer to Skype or FaceTime, then you'll need a device with a camera, microphone and those "apps" downloaded. A private and quiet space is preferable, but call from wherever works best for you.

Is online coaching as effective as in-person?

You bet. I've had lots of success with my online clients. Most clients prefer online to in-person because they are able to call from the comfort and "safe space" of their own home and avoid having to battle traffic.

Do you ever meet with clients in-person?

I appreciate that online coaching isn't for everyone. I encourage you to give it a try, but let's talk about if we can make an in-person session work (obviously, location is a factor) sarah@abundelicious.com.

What kinds of things will we talk about?

- What foods you are eating and how they are serving you. - The role eating plays in coping with and distracting from discomfort.
- Deconstructing eating habits and patterns.
- Healing your relationship with food. - Food as medicine. Which foods are going to get you the results you want and which aren't.
- Taking the power away from stress and emotional eating and advocating for ourselves with the food choices we make.
- Practicing self care and self compassion (and what self care even means).
- Retiring old narratives around self care and wellness. It's not "selfish"
- Waking up our wiser voice and intuitive self.

Will we count calories?

No. Even though this is a common approach to weight loss and wellness, I find it to often lead to feelings of frustration and deprivation. We will work with much more effective and sustainable methods.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens during the initial consultation?

We will start with an hour-long conversation about where you are now (what's your "default"), where you want to be, and what the obstacles have been so far.
After this conversation, you'll receive a personalized wellness strategy with a recap, customized list of foods, recipes and meal plan, as well as other integrative wellness techniques.

What are the follow-up sessions like?

We will review personalized metrics, progress, obstacles, and make a plan for the week ahead.

​How often will we have sessions?

That just depends on the level of support and accountability needed. Everyone thrives at different paces. I find most of my clients do well with sessions every week until what we're working on becomes second nature, then we transition into once-a-month.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need to reschedule?

Things come up. I totally get that. ​If you need to reschedule, you have 24 hours prior to your session to do so. If you have to late cancel (within 24 hours of your session) your 1-on-1 session will be forfeited.

What is the cancellation policy?

Because coaching programs are fully customized, all sales are final.
I understand that things come up, so if you are unable to commit for a period of time, we can pause your program.

Are our conversations confidential?

Absolutely. In fact, the mobile app we use is HIPAA compliant.

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