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Eat Food on Purpose

Feeling more in control of how and what you eat starts here.

Stop feeling like food is happening at you. Choose what you eat with confidence, indulge in the foods that matter to you and skip the rest. Let's make this simple

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After over a decade of helping clients eat and live better, I noticed a pattern. A lot of my clients already knew what they could do to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves, but they weren't doing it or were not doing it consistently.

They didn't know what mindsets or behaviors to focus on changing because they weren't really clear on what their current habits were.

"What an amazing experience!!! I came to Sarah with not the best diet, eating habits, and trying to plan meals for 3 small children and a husband. Through conversations, meal planning, education, and much needed moral support she was able to transform all of that. We now embrace the importance of what we put in our bodies and how it makes us feel. Sarah took the "fear" out of healthy cooking by educating us on reading labels, portions, and an overall knowledge of healthy foods. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sarah and her program."

- Allison B

What You Will Learn

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A Program in Your Pocket

  • Accountability and motivation via the Abundelicious app and direct messaging with Sarah for support.

  • Actionable tools to start shifting behaviors.

  • Manageable one-day-at-a-time approach for twelve days.


This Program is for You if You

  • Feel unable to eat sweets and indulgences in moderation.

  • Have difficulty turning down food offered to you by others.

  • Keep giving into mindless snacking in the evening even after a day of trying your best.

  • Have trouble knowing what foods are meaningful to you and what foods are just habit.

  • Want to enjoy memorable experiences and connections without the drama around food choices

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Direct Messaging 
with Sarah

Changing your eating habits can be challenging. That's why you will have ongoing support from Sarah, to help you stay accountable and achieve lasting results. 

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