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"No Bad Foods": Eating Neutrality 

This self-paced program will help take away the conflict and confusion that develops in our relationship with eating. 


How do I stop overeating?

How can I enjoy indulgences and treats without overdoing it?

Why can't I be more consistent?

This is the mindset shift you need to be able to eat what, when and the portions that feel right for your body and for the moment instead of feeling powerless against procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, stress, and habits the feel impossible to break.


**The focus of this program is NOT cutting calories or losing weight. Weight loss may or may not occur, but this is not a weight loss program. 

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I've got chips and salsa pictured here because this is one of the foods my clients tell me they love but always feel like they end up overeating.  So, they avoid it :( :( :( and I think that's a real bummer.


This is about learning how to still enjoy the foods you love, but on your terms. Have fun, indulge without sweating it, and enjoy food MORE.

What to expect

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You will have access to all resources right away, so you can get started with the area most important to you, and go at your own pace.

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Five weeks of support from Sarah with in-app direct messaging, and daily reminders for gentle accountability.

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Quick, prompted journaling to help bring clarity and track your progress over the 5 weeks.

Course Outline

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Woman Eating Cookie




Eating Hamburger


I really enjoyed the combination of accountability with documenting meals along with the mindfulness exercise with journaling.

I have been inspired by Sarah and the depth of her knowledge for years now. I am on a journey that has taken different twists and turns with my eating patterns and Sarah has been there helping me through with insight and concrete ideas.


This program was very helpful in showing me even more intensely how my thoughts and emotions dictate what I put in my mouth. I am excited to continue this process. Thank you Sarah for waking me up yet again!

Accountability combined with mindfulness was a great combination.

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This reset is for you if you...

This program is not meant for those experiencing untreated disordered eating. If this is true for you, please reach out and I'd be happy to offer resources and practitioners that might be a better fit at this time. 

  • Keep getting stuck, but aren't sure why.

  • Feel unable to eat sweets and indulgences in moderation.

  • Have difficulty turning down food offered to you by others.

  • Keep giving into mindless snacking in the evening even after a day of trying your best and feeling "on track".

  • Have trouble knowing what foods are meaningful to you and what foods are just habit.

  • Want to enjoy memorable experiences and connections without the drama around food choices

Let's Do This!

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Self-Guided Program

  • Direct messaging with Sarah.

  • On-the-go access to everything from anywhere at anytime.

  • Lifetime access to all lessons and videos.

  • Mobile and desktop options.


Want to add a private session with Sarah? Then, you'll want the button below.

*After pay is available for all options.

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