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AbundeBASICS Challenge

What is the Challenge?

This isn't about a total overhaul - just a way to kick off the NEW YEAR and get a head start on making this our happiest, healthiest and fittest year yet.  


We are focusing on TWO very doable but effective goals:

1.) Hydration 2.) Steps

It's amazing what we can accomplish in such little time when we get focused.  On average, participants drink 18% MORE water and take more than twice as many steps!

Imagine where this could take you?


But, first, we start with these two simple things.

How Does it Work?

You get access our health tracking app


This allows us to sync with all different types of wearable tech and lets us process that information with zero effort required by you, we can ensure that you hit your goals and hold you accountable. 

Easily log workouts, post questions, watch your consistency and results grow!

Let's get started, guys!

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