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winter 2020

Why am I doing another one of these edits?Because part of taking care of ourselves is limiting the amount of toxins we allow into (and onto) our bodies.

Clean food and water are usually what come to mind, but what about other ways in which toxins get into our system?  Negative energy, polluted air, and toxic SKIN CARE.

Also, what better way to distract yourself from evening sweet cravings than with a yummy and non-toxic face mask?  

So, with winter fast approaching (frowny face emoji), we know we're going to need that extra hydration for our skin.  Here are some outstanding products that you can use stress-free :)


I set out to find products that are both EFFECTIVE and NONTOXIC, as well as companies that value fair trade, sustainability and good stewardship towards the planet and our health. So, I went hunting, and I found some really great things.



Honestly, I was planning on making this a MUCH shorter post. However, I wanted to give you more options than not, so if you are just here for my favorite picks, scroll to the bottom.  There were a few products that I fell in love with, and I've marked those with a ""

This is a collection of products and companies that are making thoughtful products. Almost all of them happen to be female owned too - BONUS!!


Just to be clear, I was not paid by any of these companies ;) I also don't make any money if you buy any of these products.

Who is here? 

1. The Skinfood Kitchen

2. Kawi

3. Indie Lee

4. SiO Beauty

5. Dirty Lamb

6. Grounded Sage

7. Daize 

8. Beautycounter


Why does it matter? What goes ONTO our skin goes INTO our body... in about 19 seconds. A good rule of thumb is "don't put anything ONTO your body that you wouldn't put INTO your body".


Just like with food, "all-natural" is great marketing, but, according to the Environmental Working Group, some products aren't so natural.


Some ingredients can be toxic to our organs, mental health, and hormones. YIKES!

Just A FEW of the toxic ingredients to look out for:

  • PARABENS (used for preservation) aka methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben.

  • SYNTHETIC DYES (derived from petroleum or coal tar sources) look for a 'color + a number'.

  • FRAGRANCE (associated with allergies and respiratory distress)

  • TOLUENE (also used to dissolve paint)

  • SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE or SLS (can cause kidney and respiratory damage)

  • BLEACH (enough said)

How do you know if the products you use and love now are toxic? This is a great resource for products AND ingredients:


The best foods to eat for skin health:

- Lemon: try having a glass of water + FRESH squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning for a week.

- Avocado

- Berries

- Brazil Nuts

- Raw pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds

- Quinoa

- Extra virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil & sesame oil

- Fatty wild fish like salmon and mackerel

- Leafy greens


What about supplements?

You can find my favorite products HERE.  As always, check with you doctor first.


Ok, on to the products...


  • Free of synthetics, toxins, and emulsifiers 

  • Biodegradable, recycled and sustainable packaging that avoids using plastic

  • No animal testing or cruelty.

  • Part of the proceeds support "the employment and training of men & women marginalized by our society".

10% off code: Abundelicious


$18.00 | 3 oz  •  Ingredients


I keep this on my nightstand for that before-bed-foot-lotion-ing.  I love that it comes in this metal tin.  It's a nice change of pace from plastic and even glass (which is not fun when your dog knocks it off the night stand in the middle of the night)

It's got two of my favorite ingredients.  Frankincense and jojoba oil, and  little bit goes a long way, too, so that is a big plus.


$9.00 | 0.5 oz  •  Ingredients


Perfect little lip balm for a clutch or pocket.  It's hydrating and never greasy feeling.  Absorbs nicely without feeling like it's just sitting on top of my lips.

This little cutie has lasted me forever.  


I am OBSESSED with this stuff!!  If you like jasmine, you're in for a flipping TREAT!!!

I keep it in my purse for a little fragrance boost during the day. 

It's the best smell I've smelled in a while, and I get loads of compliments on it :)



  • Cruelty-free 

  • Paraben and phthalates-free

  • "formulated with highly desirable and benefit-driven natural ingredients - those that we love to use ourselves too".


25.00 | 20ml  •  Ingredients


I am ordering a case of this stuff - If you like jasmine, you're in for a flipping TREAT!!!


$19.24 | unmarked •  Ingredients

Messages Image(2647411630).png

I've been hearing a lot about how important it is to use Vitamin C on your skin.  That's the second ingredient in this serum.

The third ingredient is botanical hyuluronic acid

H.A. sounded "chemically" to me, but it's actually a substance that is naturally present in the human body especially in the eyes, joints, and skin. As we age, the body manufactures less HA resulting in drier, less toned and less elastic skin.

HA binds up to 1000 times its weight in water, so it gives us continuous moisture.

Messages Image(3583230207).png

These are formulated with pure gold!! I'm not sure how exactly, but that's pretty fancy!  They are also made with organic ingredients, vitamin C and aloe vera which is pretty fancy too.   The infuse your under-eyes with moisture almost instantly. 

Great for minimizing puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

These are the first eye masks I've used that didn't sting my face.  The feel cool and incredible.  I use them to wind down at night or before I go someplace where I want my under-eyes to look their best. 


I am new to retinol, and I'm hooked.  START SLOW.  I had no idea how little I knew about retinol (that's why I had Amanda write a post about it below), but it's been a game changer.  my complexion is so much different (so much better!!) since using this stuff.  It's smoother looking and feeling, and I'm a lot less prone to breakouts.  I use just a little every other night alternating with the Vitamin C serum.

Featured Esthetician: Amanda Wisth 

Retinol is a power-packed and results-driven ingredient for tackling fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration albeit when used appropriately and when the product is formulated in proper, safe, and effective concentrations.

Why is it such a superstar? Well, retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen and fading discoloration through accelerated cellular turnover. Additionally, retinol stimulates the production of new blood vessels, which in return, improves overall tone of the skin by increasing oxygenation and hydration levels in the skin. 

So what is the catch? While retinol is, essentially, the holy trinity of the antiaging skincare community, improving the appearance of aging skin requires more than just one ingredient. Products containing rejuvenating, skin-replenishing, and restorative ingredients including but not limited niacinamide, polypeptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid need to be paired with retinol to help ensure the best results. 

And please take note: Over-the-counter retinol creams and serums are safely formulated with anywhere between .04% – 1.0% retinol. Any higher percentage than this is too volatile and needs to be controlled by a prescription from a physician. Inflammation in the form of redness, flaking, dryness, and peeling can occur with any concentration of retinol but the higher the concentration, the higher likelihood of undesirable effects. With that being said, always safeguard your skin with knowledge, always read your labels, and always question claims. 


Amanda Wisth

18 Year Skin Care Veteran / Rockstar Esthetician 

High Brow Boutique

Whitefish Bay, WI



  • The website is a great resource for learning more about natural skin care with an entire database of ingredients. The founder was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, which launched her on her mission to clean up beauty products.

  • Large and small (airplane friendly) sizes of products.

  • A lot of double duty products. The cleanser doubles as an exfoliating mask and the body soak works in a bath to ease tense muscles or as a body scrub.


$65 | 8.3oz  •  Ingredients


YUM!! This lotion feels like cake icing.  It's whipped, which makes it absorb quickly. 

It has a subtle and fresh scent.  Much like icing.  Is this icing?? 

Nope! Unlike icing, it's formulated with a blend of antioxidants and Shea Butter to optimize skin condition and leave you feeling soft and supple. 



$39.95 | 1 reusable pack •  Ingredients

  • Cruelty Free

  • multi-use medical-grade silicone patches are contoured to fit and flex like a second skin while gently compressing + hyper-hydrating wrinkle prone zones.

  • Use on clean and dry skin.  Save your beauty products for after the patch comes off.

I've never tried anything like these before.  They are recommended for use over night, but I prefer to use them during the day when working from home.  The forehead patch really helps keep me from furrowing my brow.  

I do feel like they helped with hydration and fine lines.  Definitely worth trying!! They even offer subscriotions so you will stay consistent and never run out. 

You can use each patch up to 15 times.

(see photo of what the patches look like on at top of page.)


  • Cruelty-free | Vegan | Unisex ​

  • Preservative & Paraben Free

  • Handcrafted

  • Founded by a former NICU nurse (she left nursing to pursue Dirty Lamb full time.

  • "With her American-Palestinian up bringing Abbas tends to highlight ingredients that were frequently used in her kitchen growing up."


$26.00 | 2 oz  •  Ingredients


This is solid/whipped at room temperature, so I love traveling with it, because I don't put it in my quart-sized carry on liquids bag.  I could be totally wrong about this "loophole" but so far, so good.

Also comes in an 8 oz size.


$52.00 | 1 oz  •  Ingredients


When I read about the antioxidants in this, I got very excited.  Antioxidants are something I seek out in food, so why not seek them out in skin care?

Wheat germ oil is nature's power house source of vitamin e, which is a skin MUST.

This is also the only serum I've seen with Ylang Ylang oil, which is one of my favorite scents, and found in some pretty popular places like Chanel No 5.  Oh la la!! 



  • "clean, kind, cruelty-free ingredients."

  • They are mindful of their impact both on the planet and on humans.  Packaging is designed to keep the products stable, and also be sustainable for the environment. 

  • They actively support organizations that fight against animal cruelty.

  • They are a monthly sponsor of several local farm sanctuaries and animal rescue organizations.  100% percent of products for dogs go to their animal shelter and rescue partners.  WOW!!!

  • Jamie, the founder, is an active animal and plant enthusiast :)


$28.95 | 1 oz  •  Ingredients

I got to try the lip balm, which was ENORMOUS.  It will surely last me about 10 years, which I think makes it a great value.


$34.95 | 6 oz  •  Ingredients


$31.95 | 1.8 oz  •  Ingredients

Grounded Sage really has it down when it comes to moisturizers.  I got to try their body butter and Forever Young moisturizer.  Neither left me feeling oily or greasy.  They felt like a glass of water for my skin.

What really stood out to me about these moisturizers was how much FOOD they contain.  Whole food sources of omega 3 like macadamia nut oil, carrots, apples, avocado, and rhubarb are just some of the ingredients.


$34.95 | 1.2 oz  •  Ingredients

Another favorite from this line is the Pumpkin Enzyme + Probiotic Mask.  ​I spend a lot of time trying to get and keep my gut flora on point.  Why wouldn't I harness the magic that is probiotics for my skin?!


  • Developed by a Chicago woman to provide people with a relaxing, easy, and all natural beauty routine. 

  • She wants to provide not only an effective skincare step, but also a way to unwind which you do it.​

  • made up of pure oils extracted from common items such as plants, seeds, herbs, fruits and nuts.



$22 | 1 oz  •  Ingredients


Sophie lives in Chicago, so she gets how Midwest are a full assault on one's skin.

You can select from four different face oil (clear, bad, every, and younger).  I went with "Bad Daize" because... winter.  Bad Daize is formulated to help prevent winter weather from turning your skin dull, dry, and dehydrated.  It's become not only my new obsession, but Anthony's too. ;)


It's a blanket of hydration for your face.  The smell is fantastic.  It reminds me of that cotton linen product from Bath and Body Works a million years ago. 

Another thing I like about this oil is it has unique ingredients.  After a while, a lot of these oils and serums all start sounding the same.  This one has some different ingredient gems like neem and neroli oils. 

Neem oil is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting aging and sun damage.  I found this out about neem because I started using it in my garden and wanted to know if it's safe to have it come into contact with skin.  Go figure.

I'm excited to try Younger Daize next!


$25 | 100% Rose Quartz stone


I get that face rollers are nothing new, and I already had one.  HOWEVER, after using the Daize roller ONCE, I realized the one I ordered from Amazon was a piece of sh*t.  The Daize roller is just so much better made.  My Amazon one (I don't remember the actual brand) squeaks every time I roll it across my face, which is not so relaxing.  This one is SMOOOOTH.


  • I love the "never list" on their website.  It's a glossary of all the skin no-no's and no thank you's out there.  All the harmful junk that does no go into their products.

  • Most of the line is selected as "EWG VERIFIED™".  This is EWG's seal of approval for products that meet their strictest criteria for transparency and health.

Most of you have probably heard of Beautycounter by now.  Truth be told, I was a little nervous based on similar sales models for different products (I break into a cold sweat whenever it's time to buy more essential oils), but none of that was the case here.  At least not with Arianne.


So, we'll just say I wasn't sure what to expect, ;) 

Arianne was a huge help, and set me up with exactly what I needed NO PRESSURE and NO sales pitch.  It was a really cool experience.

I got to try a lot of different products from BC, and there wasn't anything I wouldn't buy.  They all made my sensitive skin really happy, and felt thoughtfully crafted and high quality. 

What stood out to me: 

  • The eyeshadow palatte. (I tried "romantic")

  • The "Countertime" Line

  • The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

  • Mattifying Powder

  • The Plumping Jasmine Facial Oil. 

Seriously, it's worth reaching out to Arianne and having a chat.  She is a wealth of information.  You can buy directly from the website or at a brick and mortar store, but I highly recommend Arianne.  She made everything really easy. 


winter 2020


♡ The Skinfood Kitchen - Winter Blues Roll On

♡ Kawi - Collagen Eye Masks

♡ Kawi - Retinol Moisture Cream

♡ Indee Lee - Whipped Body Butter

♡ SiO - Face Lift Patches

♡ Daize - Facial Oil

♡ Beautycounter - No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil

Thanks for reading!! I hope this was helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions.   

Also, to get in touch with some powerful skin witches (aka licensed estheticians) check out these ladies. 

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