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but for BUSINESSES, teams, clubs, in-person or remote.

AbundeOFFICE is Abundelicious’ workplace wellness service based in Chicago. We offer corporate wellness in a NON-corporate way, and love that each team we work with is UNIQUE.


We are dedicated to connecting with your employees and mission as a company.  That’s how we get results and have fun in the process.  Human interaction > mass emails.


The typical workplace culture leaves us feeling like we have to make a choice to either:

1. Thrive as an INDIVIDUAL

-- or --

2. Thrive as an EMPLOYEE.

We will show you and your team how to do BOTH.  


As comprehensive wellness strategists, we specialize in creating a culture and community of wellness.

We provide your employees and executives with comprehensive wellness programs with quantifiable and lasting results. 

We focus on:

- Stress management

- Sleep quality

- Safe movement

- Nutrition

- Mental wellbeing

- Culture of wellness


Why does wellness matter as an employer?

These are the keys to attracting outstanding employees, retaining your most valuable people and thriving together as a team.

According to a study done by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employers who offer workplace wellness programs have seen excellent returns on investment with a return of $2 - $3 for each dollar invested.  Other studies show that this return on investment is closer to $3.48 per employee.  When designed properly, a wellness program becomes a core business strategy.  






“We really enjoyed the 12 week weight loss challenge that included lunch and learns and weigh ins.

Collectively we lost over 253 pounds. Sarah’s supportive attitude and check-ins, along with her nutrition education kept everyone engaged.  She provided weekly meal plans that were used by many. It was a positive experience."

                                                               - UFS Data

“Thank you again for all of your help and support! My doctor was ecstatic when I had my annual physical this morning.”

                                                               - Matt K.

“Sarah made it so easy with three weeks of meal plans, delicious recipes, detailed shopping lists, an app to track it all, and a coach just one click away. I'm thrilled with the results!  I feel strong and healthy, and I lost 7 pounds. I strongly recommend this for anyone looking for a way to jump-start healthy eating habits and gain control.”

                                                              - Brenda C.

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