21-Day Reset

*a Saratonin Project and Abundelicious collaboration.

How would it feel to treat yourself with more LOVE this year? ALL year.


Sarah Philipp of Abundelicious and Sara Laimon from the Saratonin Project  have been putting together health and wellness retreats BEFORE COVID typically in February and typically in an exotic location.  


But now we are bringing you a retreat to you in your own home.  This is a non-zoom, app based, interactive experience. We are here coach you on how to love yourself through the food and movement we do to our body to obtain optimal health.

What to expect:

  • Find all the ways you can love yourself in this 21 day program.

  • Learn how to revamp your kitchen and your eating habits to give you more love, energy and power in your life.

  • How to incorporate movement into your everyday life 

  • Tools to regulate your nervous system so that you and make more loving choices.

  • You will be able to track your goals and habits you want to change to make your lifestyle in the convenient app.

  • You will receive recipe ideas and sustainable ways to shift your kitchen and lifestyle little steps at a time.

  • Each week you will get an educational video that will help you set your goals.

  • You will also receive movement and mindful videos for you to incorporate into your busy schedule.

  • You will start your morning with an intention.  We will be holding you accountable to your goals of movement and food and see how the love of yourself helps you make. 

What's the Reset?

Self care is a major way in which we love ourselves.  However, self care sometimes feels difficult when we’re feeling disconnected from ourselves, our environment, and those around us. 


Let’s tap into what it means to love ourselves in the next three weeks by reconnecting to ourselves, our environment and those around us. 


Let's slow down and get intentional.S

Week 1


  • How do we slow down?
    How to slow down the pace in your life
    Nutrient dense, fresh foods are in your wheel house
    How to enjoy playful movement in your life.
    Looking at setting intentions with animals and nature.

Week 2

How do you raise your Saratonin Levels?
What movement can you do to feel really good?
What you need in your fridge so when you open it you feel good
What should be in your pantry?
What pantry ingredients should your kitchen have and why?
Why should you use nice knifes?
Eating and cooking “with dignity”.

Week 3


  • How to love yourself while you eating & cooking?
    How to love yourself when you are cooking your food?
    How to stand?
    How to bring in music and laughter and cheer?
    Fun vibe
    “Eating Hygiene”

Abundelicious programs, emails, and discussions  are not for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor are they a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.

Everything in one place

Weekly videos to get you motivated, as well as recipes, suggestions, and simple. techniques to keep you going.

Transformation can happen in just one tweak a day.
Track your progress to make lasting new habits.
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Stress Relief

Less stress means less stress eating.



Fresh ideas for nutrient dense meals, so you stay inspired and never bored.